Random Thoughts about Life in Armenia

I have been visiting some Armenian schools as part of my job as a PR and Content manager. We visited 7 schools in rural areas; towns and villages near the Armenian-Turkish border. The aim of our visits was to talk to high school students and to tell them about the opportunities in the IT sphere that they could benefit. You know, it may sound rather odd, but many people here do not know about such a thing as computer programming. Many people/students are not even computer-literate since they use computers only in case they have the internet connection and they use the internet to only surf some social media websites like Odnoklassniki, Facebook or YouTube. To me, this is horrific! There are so many websites, online platforms and places to visit and to learn things instead of just clicking on silly images and sharing them.

Though I would not like to sound too pathetic, I feel like there is no one to tell these people about the good things they can have. We were telling students about the high salaries they could get and the best offices they could work at in case they decided to work as web/android/ios developers or as graphic/web designers and they were just smiling with distrust. It seemed to me that all the case studies we were introducing looked like a daydream to them. And this is again so disappointing…

Hey, I wonder what happened to people. I know these are hard times for every country and for every family but do we have the right to get disappointed? My answer to this question is a certain No! And you know, I will continue visiting those students and convincing, at least, 5% of them that there IS hope in any case and that self-education and self-development are the keys to success. As a follow-up to this idea, I would like you to try www.coursera.org and to see what a cool tool for self-education it is. No one is paying me for advertisement; I am just too kind and am eager to share things. 🙂

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