Top 5 Things Armenian/Caucasian Men Do

When I was a child, I thought a typical Caucasian man was like the Cossacks (Russian – казаки) in the famous Russian cartoon. Though I now know that Cossacks have nothing to do with the Caucasians, I cannot help thinking they look so similar to each other. Well, the mustache and the hairy body speak for themselves. 🙂

When I asked my Facebook friends to describe Caucasian men, girls hurried to provide me with answers. According to some of my friends, Caucasian men are mostly hot-tempered (sometimes even rude), loving and purposeful.

Let me now tell you about 5 things Armenian/Caucasian men really like to do.

Making Barbeque

Most Armenian men can cook nothing but Khorovats/ Armenian barbeque (or at least anything that can be grilled on fire). However, they do it quite well. Usually, they cut meat into small pieces and spice it a few hours prior to the actual grilling so that the spices mix well together. In Armenia, barbeque is often served with a salad of vegetables cooked on the same barbeque fire.


Drinking Really Long Toasts

Armenian men adore homemade wine and vodka; they can drink much and, accordingly, their toasts may become longer and more frequent. Toasts usually start with greeting everyone sitting around the table and may end up with remembering old relatives, grandparents who passed away long ago. People also drink to health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, peace and love. Witty sayings, army stories and jokes may make the long toasts even longer 🙂


Showing off a little bit

While some people may argue that I am too critical about Armenian/Caucasian men regarding this point, I may bring some examples as proof. Most Armenians love big weddings. Even if a family does not have enough money to afford a luxurious wedding, they will somehow manage to organize one. People either present money or gold to the bride and groom (note that, in most cases, it is not just a nice golden chain for the bride, it may be a huge one that can hardly ever be worn).

Another fun example of showing off is expressed in the young men’s tenderness towards the so called ”golden” numbers. Phone numbers or numbers on the car plates that bear similar digits are considered to be quite fashionable among SOME individuals.


Courting a Girl

Armenian/Caucasian men know how to court a girl by making compliments, gifting flowers, chocolate and giving extraordinary presents. However, many of them seem rather shy or introverted when it comes to romantic confessions.


Good at Wrestling

Though I am not so much interested in this sport, I can assure you Caucasian men including Armenians, Georgians and Azerbaijani turn to be real champions in Greco-Roman wrestling.


One more feature uniting all Caucasian men is their love and respect towards the family. In Caucasian societies families are sacred and, in most cases, it is a usual thing to marry early and to live in big families. Though lots of traditions may have been lost in this age of globalization, the value of family is never underestimated.


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