The Cultural Revival of a Tiny Armenian Village

While many people may say life in villages is dull and boring, I will deny it by bringing a nice example of the village I myself live in. A post-Soviet village as it is, Taperakan has suffered rather hard times both economically and culturally. I could, of course, organize a virtual tour of the village (which I may do in my further posts), but this time, let us just have a view on an old building that has served as the cultural center of the village.

Taperakan is located in Ararat valley, it is one of the villages that belongs to the Ararat region and is famous for its fine wines and many wineries. The only surviving building meant for cultural and educational purposes is this modest building (the right picture: below)

door house

Being built in the late 1950s, this building has housed hundreds of cultural events including fashion contests, local humour contests (our Russian speaking community will certainly know about КВНs), movie screenings, concerts, dance shows etc. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, much effort was needed to restore what was built for years. For a long time this building was empty and soulless. There was little hope for a cultural revival. However, with the efforts of progressive youth, life was brought back to this old building. And you know what? It is now cooler, warmer and more welcoming than it was before. Here are some of the clubs we have:

  • Art club – for those interested in the History of Art
  • Fine arts club – for those who want to learn to draw and paint
  • Literature club – for book lovers
  • English club – quite a necessary thing for many 🙂
  • School of dances
  • Theatrical circle or the drama club

art class chairs class home paintings teacher

during the Arts class 🙂

All the clubs and circles are free of charge and are managed by awesome volunteers. Moreover, everyone can attend the free movie screenings and local concerts. With the help of several young students, the village library was also restored. We were all surprised at the number of coolest books existing in that library. No one could imagine such treasures could be hidden in an old building like that. Below are the pictures of the local rock band. The guys are practising day and night and, surprisingly, the villagers never complain of the loud music.

rock technical cool boy  guitarselectro













I guess, people really needed this new start; they feel connected and real and young again…



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