Fashion in the Armenian Way

Recently, I have read an article on Georgian and Azerbaijani fashion tendencies among young people. So I thought why not follow up with a brief review of Armenian fashion and beauty trends of these days. Well, in Armenia (and mostly in Yerevan) you can see too many different things mixed together.

Outfit to schools and universities

While it may seem strange to wear classic clothes to schools and universities, the Armenian young people quite love to do so. Some even improvise quite confidently in Bohemian and Arty styles. Students mostly prefer the following combinations:

  • Tight jeans, high heels, and a shirt (of any color)
  • Bullet pumps and a mini dress
  • Boots and a mini skirt/jeans with a T-shirt

Interestingly, there was a period when tiny bags became quite fashionable in Armenia and even students who needed to carry lots of textbooks to universities started following that trend. God knows how they managed to tuck all that stuff into those small bags. Fortunately, huge rucksacks are believed to be trendy now; hence you can see girls wearing round retro sunglasses and mini shorts with a nice rucksack. Boyfriend jeans, wide pullovers, leather jackets, army style coats, retro style dresses with vintage flowers and embroidery, huge African style statement necklaces are considered fashionable here.

shaga blog

Outfit to offices

With weather becoming colder, you can see chic young women in knee-length pencil skirts and long waistcoats, vests or Trench coats hurrying to work. Sadly enough, the Armenian men are not so glamorous as women are. Simple pants/jeans and a shirt are a usual thing to see on a working class man. Several years ago, there was a tendency among Armenian men to wear all in black. However, this trend is also fading away gradually.


Hair and Makeup

Most Armenian girls will never go outside without their hair done. Regardless it’s a party or a public lecture or a city walk, nearly 6 out of 10 girls you see will have perfect hair and makeup on. Eyebrows are a separate issue! You may have noticed that in other cultures people do not pay so much attention to the eyebrows. However, the Armenian ladies spare no effort to shape their eyebrows so that they look perfectly smooth.

Accessories and elements of national clothing

In Armenian fashion, too, there is a trend to use elements of national clothing for daily looks. This has gone so far that some Armenian designers and pop stars have introduced collections of accessories and clothes inspired by the Armenian carpets and the national clothing called taraz. Many accessories carry the embroidered symbols used on flags and coats of arms of ancient Armenian kings. Designer gowns involve long, wide-sleeved dresses (usually with a mantle on) decorated with beautiful needlework.


  1. Stella Maxwell in Armenian taraz for the cover of Vogue Russia
  2. A gown from Aram Nikolyan’s new collection Urfa
  3. A necklace by Pregomesh (Sirusho)
  4. A massive silver necklace by Pregomesh (Sirusho)

Whatever the fashion trends of today, they are always being influenced by other cultures and are changing every single moment… and it’s awesome!



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